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We are specialize in advanced 3D printing technology.

We offer 3D-printing invironment that supports our clients' successful implementation of the most interesting and promising projects from many industries, including art and design.

We will turn your idea into a physical object of any shape, whether it is a prototype or a final product.

3D-printing allows you to create prototypes and products from all kinds of materials, implement innovative approaches to marketing, enhance perception and as a result obtaining the desired results from visual presentations with investors, partners and participation in exhibitions and events. 

Application of 3D-printing technology offers almost limitless possibilities in the creation of objects, regardless the complexity of a given shape.

The introduction of 3D-printing is possible in almost all stages of the product development, starting from the conception of the future product form and design and up to production of the completely finished and functional product.


3D-printing advantages :


l   Sales increase

Implementation of printed objects and models at exhibitions, presentations to investors and partners and meetings with clients. 

l   Cost reduction

3D-printing in production of scaled, single, inidvidual or exclusive products and models decreases cost aproximatelly by 2-3 times.

l   High quality and detalization

Printing of 3D-models and elements of any complexity and texture, compliance with the specified parameters and tolerances. CJT technology makes it possible to build objects with a minimum layer of 0.1mm and a CMYK palette - 390.000 colors.

l   Increasing perception

3D-printed models facilitates efficient communication between customer and manufacturer.

l   Making multiple copies 

Printing the typical products with different properties, design and structure for further use and testing.

l   Reduction of production time 

High performance 3D-printing equipment of STEREOFORMA allows you to create multiple objects with various geometries in a matter of hours.

l   High quality materials

Composite materials, photopolymers, high-perfomance plastics with a variety of physical properties, as well as metal powders, foundry sand and others. All the materials are of high quality and safe to use. 

l   Availability of production

STEREOFORMA offers 3D-printed sand molds, this process is superior comparing to the classical method in time and detalisation, at the same time the production cost is reduced. 3D-printing of architectural models we use composite gypsum that provides a low cost of final models.