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Construction companies and architectural firms

Construction models at the design stage, buildings and structures, business centers, houses and mansions, townhouses, country houses with the detailed landscape, stadiums, etc..


R&D centers and design bureaus

Functional models of products, equipment and machinery, as well as various models of prototypes of consumer goods, sand molds and investments castings


Industrial companies

l   models of industrial objects - oil rigs, coal mines, nuclear power plants, factories, refineries, pipelines, towers, etc.
l   relief maps of fields with infrastructure and machinery
l   scalled copies of equipment, machinery, vehicles and infrastructure


Design studios (interior, exterior, landscape) and design schools

interior objects with complex geometries - lamps, vases, statues and stucco, models of landscape design.


Medical and educational institutions

l   the body parts, the brain, eye, toot etc.,
l   sectional neural network, viruses, microorganisms, bacterias
l   multi-colored pattern of elements and chemical reactions,
l   physical bodies, land relief surface models, volcanos, waterfalls and ridges.


Movie / animation studio

l   items of clothing,
l   ancient and futuristic weapons and equipment,
l   replicas of expensive and/or rarity appliances, automobiles and utensils,
l   detailed faces and emotions,
l   color "decoration in a box" model for cartoons creation