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High-tech equipment  and machinery for color and functional prints of various 3D-objects from different materials allows us to revive the most conceptual ideas of our customers. 


l  scalled and variable copies, prototypes, concepts, design forms  and final products for visual and haptic presentations for potential customers, partners and investors

l  detailed copies of buildings and structures

l  functional prototypes of shapes and components

l  production models of any complexity with high accuracy and detalization

l  master models for investment casting (precision casting) and sand molds 

l  vacuum molding forms for mass production

l  Production of a small series with a unique design



l  Full Color gypsum - from 40 RUB/cm3

l  Pastics (ABS, PLA, HIPS, etc.) - 35 RUB/cm3

l  Molding sand - from 35 RUB/100cm3 (0.35 RUB/cm3)

l  Invesment casting PMMA - from 20 RUB/cm3

l  Investment casting WAX - from 450 RUB/cm3

l  Photopolymers (durable and functional) - from 500 RUB/cm3